Provide Environmental Leadership for a Greener Future

We can all do our part to 'go green' and inspire others to think globally and act locally.

  • Provide leadership to fully implement the County’s Climate Action Plan, including “going green” at the county level, transitioning the County’s entire fleet of vehicles and equipment to all-electric fuel sources using 100% renewable energy, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GGEs) and move the County to a greener leadership space. Learn more (PDF)
  • Continue providing leadership to East Bay Community Energy (EBCE). EBCA is the East Bay’s public power agency, working together with local communities to increase renewable energy options across Alameda County and the greater East Bay Region. EBCE makes it possible to send more green energy to homes and businesses in Alameda County. EBCE is also working hard to tackle climate change by expanding our comprehensive green energy infrastructure (e.g. EV charging stations) and providing resources to local non-profits to deliver social and environmental services that provide green benefits. I am proud to serve as Board Chair of this body and I am committed to continuing its important work on behalf of our cities and our planet. Learn more at
  • Advocate for green economy including pilot programs, policies and innovative projects that develop and support green jobs and industries, fuel a thriving workforce and economy, and help lead the way to a cleaner, greener, more sustainable and healthier planet.
  • Advocate for more access to pedestrian and bike programs and plans that contribute to a universally accessible safe, convenient and integrated system for walking and biking in every Alameda County community. Healthy people contribute to a healthy planet.
  • Strive to be a green role model who inspires others to “go green” – Think globally, act locally. Practice personal responsibility - do my part to invest in and fight for a sustainable green future in Alameda County and beyond.