Safe Communities

We all deserve to live in a safe community.

  • Enroll the wisdom of the community in helping to make our communities safer. Be a good listener, gather input from families, neighborhoods, social justice advocates, faith leaders, the business community and others to build a shared vision that motivates creating a safer community for all.
  • Support our first responders. Ensure that public safety, law enforcement and crisis communicators have the support, technology and training they need to do their jobs. Work with District 2 cities to attract and retain qualified public safety professionals.
  • Endorse innovative and resourceful public safety solutions. In particular, Invest in attracting and retaining home-grown, rooted community members to serve as an extra force of first responders that activate when local disasters strike, where fire, police, and emergency medical services, including a trained and ready front line volunteer teams, help save lives, restore safety and protect people and property when it’s needed most.
  • Implement Reimagine Adult Justice Initiative initiated by our late, great County Supervisor, Richard Valle, to ensure that victimization and recidivism is reduced. This work impacts real people in lasting, positive ways – including how they touch their families, how they turn their lives around and return to society as contributing members, and the many ways they contribute to their communities and our local economy years after their debts to society have been paid.
  • Do even more to support reform of the County’s criminal justice system. Adopt Sheriff Oversight, connect justice involved individuals into CALAIM and case management to improve their outcomes and decrease recidivism, increase investment to community based organizations (CBOs) to provide educational, vocational, health, therapeutic and wrap around services to treat the entire person to help them maximize their full potential.